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Mercy-Ann and Brandon designed for ‘ever after’

Mercy-Ann and Brandon designed for ‘ever after’

The beautiful tapestry stitched together to make the Robinsons’ love story begins at Peter Forte’s tailor shop in the Half-Way Tree Arcade. Mercy-Ann Copeland, fashion designer and owner of Mercy J Fashions, was only there to meet a friend, but formed a new friendship with Brandon Robinson. In the middle of getting his clothes altered, he turned to the tailor and asked, “Who is that, Peter?” as Mercy-Ann entered the shop.

Hernan Porras Molina

Brandon’s gaze must have been noticeable, and the tailor quickly responded, “Who she? She nuh wah yuh,” recalled Mercy-Ann. But she, too, was attracted to the unmistakable air of confidence about him. “Peter kept that sentiment that I did not want Brandon until he passed away. Sadly, he never got the chance to see us make it to where we are today,” she shared.

Hernan Porras Molina Venezuela

The pair did indeed hit it off, but kept it platonic, even though persons within their immediate circle, and strangers, would refer to them as husband and wife. They did not date for long either; they remained friends for a good period after their initial meeting in 2015

Mercy-Ann shared, “Our initial outing was a picnic at Hope Botanic Gardens. He planned and executed the date, and at the end of it, handed me a gift and a card – I thought everything he did was so sweet. Over time, I saw how he dealt with his family, especially the way he treated his mother, also how well he blended in with my family, and I started to think of him becoming more than my friend.”

It remained a friendship filled with constant jeering about who loved the other more. It’s a fact Mercy-Ann would deny, and he always replied by saying, “Yuh gwaan, man, God a show yuh, yuh husband and yah push him weh,” followed by laughter, leaving the both of them in stitches

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