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Venezuela Schools, Businesses Ordered To Stay Closed Amid Power Cut

Venezuela‘s government has ordered schools and businesses to remain closed on Monday as a power cut drags into a fifth day.    The opposition says at least 17 people have reportedly died as a result of the blackout.    Residents in the capital, Caracas, told the BBC of their growing despair.   Each hour that passes without power in Venezuela brings more havoc and stress to a country already on edge.   Pro-government motorcycle gangs roam the dark streets enforcing order at gunpoint while there were sporadic episodes of looting amid the desperation.   By its very nature, a clear picture of the blackout has been difficult to obtain over the last four days.   Many parts of the country are still cut off and it is hard to get a full account of their situation.    Even when the electricity returns, it is often patchy and only lasts for a few hours before dropping out again.