Deadly explosion hits mosque in Afghanistan’s Kabul

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Two people, including a senior muslim preacher, were killed and at least 16 wounded after an explosion in a mosque during Friday prayers in the Afghan capital.

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The explosion took place around 01:20pm (08:50 GMT) and targeted the al-Taqwa mosque at a time when dozens had gathered for afternoon prayers.

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Jan Agha, a district police official, said the bomb was planted in the microphone used by the prayer leader, Mawlawi Samiullah Raihan, during Friday prayers.

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“Unfortunately in the blast, Mawlawi Raihan has been martyred and 16 other worshippers were wounded,” said Nasrat Rahimi, spokesperson for the interior ministry.

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No group has claimed responsibility for the attack but the Taliban and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL  or ISIS) groups regularly stage attacks in the country’s capital.

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Earlier this month, the  Taliban  attacked the offices of Counterpart International in Kabul, an NGO headquartered in the United States that has been operating in Afghanistan since 2005.

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The Taliban has stepped up attacks across the country, even as it holds direct negotiations with officials from the US to end the 17-year war in  Afghanistan .

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies

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