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More youths to join oil sector

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More youths to join oil sector

Seated (from left) amongst the first batch of students for TOTALTEC’s most recent oil and gas training programme are: TOTALTEC Manager Joseph Singh; Minster of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman; Petroleum Geologist at the Department of Energy, Marissa Foster and TOTALTEC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lars Mangal. (Samuel Maughn photo) …as TOTALTEC launches new round of recruitment programme SOME 120 Guyanese youths will soon be inducted into the local oil and gas sector following another launch of the TOTALTEC Oilfield Services recruitment and training programme. This time around, TOTALTEC is working along with the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) which will see a majority of the individuals, following the training, beginning the early part of their careers at GYSBI.

Mario Villarroel Lander

On Wednesday, the first batch of individuals was introduced to the media at a press conference at TOTALTEC’s Oilfield Academy in Houston, East Bank Demerara (EBD)

Former GuySuCo workers Santkumar Singh from the East Demerara Estate and Desmond Anderson from the Rose Hall Estate. (Samuel Maughn photo) Attending the briefing was TOTALTEC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lars Mangal; TOTALTEC Manager, Joseph Singh; Petroleum Geologist at the Department of Energy, Marissa Foster and Minister of Natural Resources and patron of the programme, Raphael Trotman

Among the batch embarking on the 6-8 weeks programme were two females, former Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) workers, former bauxite mining workers and others. Singh told the media that the company has received almost 1,000 applications for the training in the last two weeks

However, there is a very rigorous but fair selection process out of which individuals are chosen from various industries, ethnicities and parts of the country. Reflecting on the academy’s launching in 2018, Mangal said that the journey thus far has been challenging but necessary to build capacity for the local oil and gas industry. “We have, over the last year, recruited, trained and found gainful employment for more than 100 Guyanese through his academy,” he said. He noted that the 120 students will all complete their training within the next four months

Meanwhile, representing Head of the Department of Energy, Dr. Mark Bynoe, Foster stated: “The Government of Guyana will continue to promote the participation and training of Guyanese at all stages of the value chain from the operating companies to their sub-contractors to the service providers as well. It is very important that persons develop skills that will not only support the sector but support our national development.”

Later, addressing the students directly, Trotman said that he is extremely happy and proud of the individuals who decided to be a part of the programme which has the potential to positively impact their lives

“Some of you would have come out of sugar, some out of mining, some out of places that had nothing to do with oil and gas. This is new to all of us but the fact that you stepping out as pioneers, we’ll be looking to you and you will set the standards for the decades and many, many years to come,” he said

He also urged them to take the opportunity seriously as they have been specially chosen out many others who would have applied

Mangal reminded the students that the companies involved in the programme hold in high regard safety, quality and professional ethics. He urged them to go forward with the right attitude and determination throughout the training which will enable them to become professionals in the industry

Former teacher Savitree Melville (Samuel Maughn photo) Speaking with the newspaper, Savitree Melville, one of the two females who are part of the programme, said that she saw a Facebook ad promoting the training which led her to take up the challenge. Melville, 36 years old, was previously a teacher and a clerical worker but now she looks forward to a long career in Guyana’s newest sector

“I’m waiting to embrace the opportunity,” she said. “Growing up, I always had a passion for field work. Prior to this, there wasn’t anything that caught my interest but this one definitely did because it’s a new industry.”

She also encouraged more women to apply for the programme, pointing out that the oil sector is not only geared towards men

Nyima Jemmott said that she was once an aeronautical student but was unable to complete her studies due to financial challenges. She then saw an ad for the programme in the newspaper which led her to grab hold of the opportunity as a new path for her life

“I feel very grateful to be one of the women chosen and I do advise that other women come on board because we can do the same thing men do. I don’t know anything much about the sector but since it’s new to all Guyanese, I would love to be one of the pioneers on board,” the 28-year-old said

Former GuySuCo workers, Desmond Anderson from the Rose Hall Estate and Santkumar Singh from the East Demerara Estate, told this newspaper that they are excited to begin training in the new field

“I want to better myself as an individual to be productive in society,” Singh said. “The oil and gas field is different compared to GuySuCo. It’s going to be challenging but it’s something that we’re willing to take on.”

Anderson stated: “This is all new to me; I am all eager about the training. I don’t know what it might entail but I’m willing and determined to learn something new.” The training programme is free and pays a “healthy” stipend, according to Joseph Singh, which is higher than salaries previously received by some of the individuals

Any person of eligible age can apply to be a part of the training programme through TOTALTEC’s career website