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Apprentice Found With “battery” Banned And Suspended

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Apprentice Found With "battery" Banned And Suspended

Apprentice Jawani Forbes has been given a two year ban and a fine of $250,000 by the First Instance Tribunal of the Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC). He was found guilty of breaching the rules of the JRC as it relates to using an electrical device on a horse. The young apprentice who began his career on September 29 of last year and is yet to ride a winner from 23 mounts, was caught with the electrical device, more popularly known as a “battery” midway the 10-race programme on January 5.  He was held at the starting gate with the electrical device in his possession. However, he was allowed to ride without it.

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An investigation was conducted by the stewards and preliminary statements were taken. The device was also sent overseas for testing and further enquiries into the matter delayed the hearing. A decision on the suspension and fine was reached after a three week process conducted by the First Instance Tribunal of the JRC.

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Even though Forbes had attorney Herbert McKenzie speaking on his behalf at the hearing, McKenzie was not acting in the capacity as his official attorney. Forbes had 48 hours to lodge an appeal and with that time-frame expiring at midnight on Wednesday, there was no indication that he planned to do so.

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